The Sassy Pig

The Sassy Pig is a Veteran owned and operated business that also happens to be a family business.  Our family enjoys cooking, creating, working and having fun together. We are a multigenerational Veteran family that served in the Marine Corps (Mike and April) and the Air Force (Mike Sr.) in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Somalia, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Afghanistan freedom, and our sons are currently on active duty in the Air Force and Army.

The Sassy Pig specializes in Texas style Bar-B-Que. Texas Bar-B-Que is the art of smoking and slow cooking dry rubbed beef, pork, chicken, turkey and sausage for up to 14 hours. The process also includes basting the meat to keep the final product juicy and bursting with flavor to the last bite. Another unique aspect to this type of cooking are the spices used to enhance the flavors of not just the meat, but the entire meal. The chef and cooks at The Sassy Pig have more than 50 years of combined experience cooking with traditional Texas, Tex-Mex and Southwest flavors.  

Sassy’s classically trained chefs are not limited to this cuisine. We can prepare any meal that fits your special occasion; whether that is a backyard burger Bar-B-Que or a five star fine dining experience. We are a full service catering service that will handle every aspect of your dining experience, leaving you to enjoy friends and family at your event. We are trained, organized and equipped to provide catering services for office parties, corporate functions, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, vacation parties or any other event that is special to you.

No event is too big or small for our professional staff. We strive to provide you with the best food and service possible. The Sassy Pig can also prepare and deliver box lunches for the office, ready to eat meals for an alternative to fast-food for busy days and/or prepare fried turkey or hams with all the fixin's for the holidays.

Mike Sr. is a retired fireman/paramedic and disabled Veteran currently finishing his formal culinary training in Arizona.  April is retired from the corporate world and is a disabled Veteran. April is also Sassy’s dessert specialist. Mike is a retired police officer and also a disabled Veteran. Mike is a formally trained chef and was a member of the wining team for the 16th annual "Chilympics" Murrells Inlet 2015 (wild game chili) and Overall Winner "Souper-Supper" Myrtle Beach 2015 (green chili chicken soup).

We have all traveled the world and let our experiences from other countries and regions show in the foods that we prepare. April was born and raised in Texas so she has been cooking and enjoying Tex-Mex all of her life while mastering flavor profiles of that region. Mike lived and cooked in Texas for 18 years where he learned about Texas Style Bar-B-Que and has deep culinary roots in fine dining. Mike Sr. brings southwest flavors to an already incredible style of cooking. We are The Sassy Pig and look forward to making your event a great memory for you.

​Who We Are